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MySensors RGB Led Strip Controller

I’m a big fan of the RGB LED strips that are widely available online for very cheap, so i made a controller to wireless connect them the the rest of the home automation system.

The controller uses and Arduino Pro Mini and A NRF24l01 Transceiver module to communicate with the MySensors Gateway, i’ve used a simple but awesome PCB Designed by user Sundberg84 and modified it to suit my application. This saves allot of time soldering connections from the radio to the Arduino. I actually bought 10 of these boards as i know they will come in handy.

I couldn’t find any good examples of code for this, which i thought was surprising, so i ended up looking at a few different examples and piecing things together to get the desired result. The Node receives three numbers separated by a comma in the range of 0 – 100, in the order of RED,GREEN,BLUE. The Arduino then takes these numbers and fades the LEDs.

As these will be visible in some places around my home, i made a reasonable looking label for them, including space for writing helpful information. I also created a little logo to give it that little more professional look.

At the time of posting this, the code is very rough. It’s not annotated well, it’s got unnecessary bits and has a couple of bugs that need sorting. Hopefully i’ll get round to fixing it up soon. But in the mean time, is does work.

You can download the code here: MySensorsRGBWithOpenHab V1.1